First Concert Photography

Today is an exciting day! First of all I get to do a very cool chocolate promotion at work! Godiva chocolate, yum yum. It is going to be a long shift but hopefully a good and busy one. At time standing by yourself for 6 hours promoting is not my favorite thing in the world. It is a long time to be working alone, especially if it is slow but when it is busy, it is the best way to work!

The real exciting part comes after work. I get to shoot my very first show! My good friends’ band Azimyth is headlining a show in Vancouver at the Red Room (If you are reading this and from Vancouver, come and check them out! They are a very talented up and coming rock group.) To them, it may not seem like it is a big deal but for me this is very exciting. I’ve never even tried shooting in an indoor concert setting. It is going to be a challenge and a treat! I really do love hearing them play as well, I really believe in these guys. I am nervous though, I didn’t want t publicize that I am doing this due to the fear that I may mess up and be terrible at it. If I manage to kill it, like I usually do, then this could be a HUGE deal of exposure for me. And I mean, who can deny good exposure. I wish I had a great picture to put in this post because I know that makes it more readable but I do not yet, unfortunately. I am fairly confident about tonight though, I think that the fact that I know the band will help me out some. Hopefully I will have a preview by tomorrow or monday!

Anyone have any advice? I’ve already got my f/1.8 lens and my camera at 1600 iso. So I am fairly confident and since it is a local show hopefully the lighting won’t be changing too much and I will be able to figure out the exposure earlier on in the night.

Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “First Concert Photography

  1. cookd96 says:

    Hey. I’m a fellow concert goer/photographer, but I usually just do it for my own pleasure. I’ve never had to chance to be an official photographer for a concert. Once you figure the lighting out, it should be a piece of cake really. I love taking pictures at concerts. Definitely try to get interesting shots of the band moving around on stage and such. Sometimes I’ll look at my pictures after a concert and too much of them will be the same thing. The lead singer at the mic, or the guitarist just standing there with his guitar. It’s all about timing, and a whole lot of luck to get that great shot. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what your pictures look like.

  2. Good luck tonight!
    I randomly found your blog but really like your shots. My blog is set up for a course I am taking in college but I am also a photographer. Sorry I didn’t see your blog post earlier. :/ Hope your photos turned out great and can’t wait to see them!

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