Azimyth Show

I am so sorry that I did not post yesterday but the show ended up going until about 2 am and then I was awake until about 6:30. So I basically took yesterday to sleep and edit and sleep and edit. I have finally finished the majority of the photos from the show! Man was it a great experience. I really loved doing these photos. The bands all played great sets, there was so much energy in the place by the time that Azimyth took the stage.

I ended up finding a good friend in my 70-300mm lens that night even though it only goes down to f/5.0. It gave me fantastic shots. Unfortunately, my wider angle lens was not so much my friend. Most of the shots I got with it were just not usable. My 50mm f/1.8 was definitely as good for me as it can be expected to be. I really had a great time with it all. It was so exciting trying to be there for each shot. I found that there was definitely a focus on one main band member from each band though. Next time I need to work on a more even amount of photos for each band member and of course I need to figure out how to get the shots of the drummer. It really was as hard as people say to try to get a decent shot of them.

By the way everyone who reads this and likes a good rock band should take a moment to look up the bands I’m referring to. The facebook links are AzimythThe Broadway Bullies, Blackout LightsCuplaSilent Spring.

Alright enough talk, here are some shots from throughout the night. PLEASE let me know what you think! I would love any and all feedback as long as it is complimentary or constructive!



During one of his epic solos

AzimythAzimythThe Broadway BulliesThe Broadway BulliesThe Broadway BulliesThe Broadway BulliesThe Broadway BulliesThe Broadway Bullies

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