Birthday Break!

I have unfortunately been gone for a while. It was my birthday on the 13th and so I was out of commission the entire long weekend. School has also been kicking my butt all over the place.

I have been working on some leads for some photo projects but the weather has been my enemy as of late. I really need to buy some studio lighting so that I can shoot inside. It basically kills my entire winter season unless there is perfect weather. I wouldn’t mind shooting out in some bad weather but people seem to have this issue with being outside in not ideal weather. Then comes the job of predicting the weather in British Columbia. People are never available whenever the weather is ready, there is time and planning and organizing that needs to go into it. It is really turning into a challenge for me.

I had made this decision to just bring my camera with me everywhere but it has come to the point where my friends are just tired of me taking shots of them when we are out. I reallllyy need to get into shooting not people. The inanimate beauty of life.

Hopefully I can get a post or two up this week! With photos of course!

Pancakes – The Ultimate Breakfast Food

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Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. It is really the only thing you can eat any time of the day and it still feels right. Pancakes! Anytime! I unfortunately am quite lactose intolerant which means that I can not go out for breakfast and get to eat all the wonderful dairy filled meals. So […]


One of my obsessions in life is earings. I love them. If I go a day without earings, I feel naked. They are my necessity even over makeup. My search is for cheap, cute earings that I never see anywhere else. Here are my newest pairs of earings, 2$ each pair!

These are #33 and #34 of my collection. I have picked up earings from all over the place. Never paying more than 10$ a pair and those were my splurge pair. I am thinking I should start making my own earings because 18$ for a pair of feather earings is simply robbery. I feel like I won’t be able to find matching pairs of things to make my earings from. Does anyone out there make their own earings? Any advice? I hear that it is fairly easy and quite cheap but I have just never done it.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the horror of the shade

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.

-“Invictus” by William Henley

This just so happens to be a verse of a poem that I repeat to myself daily. I know it cheesy and overused but I love it. I have always said that if I were ever to go completely crazy you would find me in a corner repeating the entire “Invictus” poem to myself. So I thought I would share with you my favorite verse. It is actually kind of silly because in my room there are about three different versions of it. It is what gives me strength and the power to go on in difficult situations. Funny thing about this poem is that I would never have known about it had I not been obsessed with One Tree Hill back in high school. I remember when I first heard a line from it and loved looking up all the quotes I heard from that show. If you have ever seen it, you know that Lucas was just “oh so deep”. A few of my favorite quotes actually came from that show.

Inspiration #1 – Invictus

I am terribly sad that due to a very large and daunting History of Modern Germany midterm today; I was unable to take all the Halloween photos that I wanted to. Work and school make it very difficult to find time to do the beautiful and fun things in life. Oh and I forgot to mention sleeping. I enjoy getting my full 8 hours and will give that up for only a very few things in life.

Hopefully tonight I can still get a few shots. Well, back to studying for me! Enjoy your Halloween everyone and take lots of fantastic photos so that I can see and comment and pretend like I had the time to do the same this Halloween.

Life trumps Halloween…unfortunately