Birthday Break!

I have unfortunately been gone for a while. It was my birthday on the 13th and so I was out of commission the entire long weekend. School has also been kicking my butt all over the place.

I have been working on some leads for some photo projects but the weather has been my enemy as of late. I really need to buy some studio lighting so that I can shoot inside. It basically kills my entire winter season unless there is perfect weather. I wouldn’t mind shooting out in some bad weather but people seem to have this issue with being outside in not ideal weather. Then comes the job of predicting the weather in British Columbia. People are never available whenever the weather is ready, there is time and planning and organizing that needs to go into it. It is really turning into a challenge for me.

I had made this decision to just bring my camera with me everywhere but it has come to the point where my friends are just tired of me taking shots of them when we are out. I reallllyy need to get into shooting not people. The inanimate beauty of life.

Hopefully I can get a post or two up this week! With photos of course!