Today I have discovered the joy of dressing like I’m 17 again. In a time in my life where I feel completely overwhelmed and old, it is nice to dress like a kid again. Truthfully, my favorite way to dress when I’m all stressed out is like I have come straight out of 1986. Big hair, Bandana, Ripped band tees and some bright leggings, together make me a very happy camper. I feel like I can be a little ridiculous in the midst of classes and homework and shoots and editing and family and stress and basically everything I have to do.

Life is kind of funny, that when it’s slow and boring we crave how busy and crazy it can be. But when it is fast paced and crazy we crave the slow pace of those boring days.

Lately I have been in a spout of crazy busy days. I am trying to juggle school, homework, shoots, editing, family, friends, work and well life. I am struggling to catch up because I always feel like I am behind. Life would be so much easier if we never needed to sleep. Oh how I would love that life. If we could work and be occupied 24 hours a day. So much more would get done, it would be incredible. Sadly, it is not the case and without my at least 7 hours of sleep I can not function in the least. I am not a usual university student who can pull all nighters to study. It is completely useless. So therefore, I am the kind of person who gets behind and has to work like mad to catch herself up.

Some days, I just wish I could put life on hold. Too bad that that can never happen. Though really, I am not whining. I am so pleased with my life and all I am getting to accomplish. Working on my photography is my vice and my greatest pleasure. I am over critical and if I have a bad shoot it ruins my mood and my love. I have recently had a bad shoot due to the rain. It was a prom shoot and they wanted to do it in a barn and my flash was failing me. I feel so trashed because of it.

But I need to keep my head up. And maybe take a nap…eventually!