Joy of rolling around in a field.

So, today I had an impromptu photoshoot with my good friend Alysha Davis. Completely gorgeous and always hilarious, she has to be one of my favorites to shoot. You really can put no price on a photoshoot where it is actually fun and full of laughter.

It was supposed to be a horribly nasty rainy day and just my luck that I grabbed my gear before I left my house. As my day proceeded, I genuinely believed that I would have anything but good luck. After getting my phone service reconnected and writing a possibly mediocre midterm, I walked outside to find sunshine. What a relief that was, it really brightened my day (both litterally and figuratively!).

We got to a park which we had no idea if it would even be nice we’d only ever been there once and it had been covered in goose poo. Again just my luck, it was beautiful. Shooting was also fantastic, it was a perfectly over cast day. The light was perfect and the mood was happy. I really find that when the mood is happy the shoots turns out so much better. Shooting with Alysha is always a joy because we are both so completely random. We were trying to get some good shots in this field and as it turns out, the best way was to be rolling around in the grass. It turned out great because this concept made her laugh and resulted in some great shots.

Over all I was completely impressed with both of us as most of the pictures turned out Straight Out Of Camera.

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