I am terribly sad that due to a very large and daunting History of Modern Germany midterm today; I was unable to take all the Halloween photos that I wanted to. Work and school make it very difficult to find time to do the beautiful and fun things in life. Oh and I forgot to mention sleeping. I enjoy getting my full 8 hours and will give that up for only a very few things in life.

Hopefully tonight I can still get a few shots. Well, back to studying for me! Enjoy your Halloween everyone and take lots of fantastic photos so that I can see and comment and pretend like I had the time to do the same this Halloween.

Life trumps Halloween…unfortunately

Halloween is approaching as we all know and I have, for the first time ever, carved my very own pumpkin. I went to the pumpkin patch (which was so adorable and I just wanted to take so many pictures of all the cute children but then realized that that may not be apprecated) and I picked out the best looking pumpkin there. I named her Mrs. Pumpkin, though I realize that is not very original. She was a difficult one to carve. I had no idea that pumpkins were so thick. Well in the end it turns out that pumpkin carving is not one of my fortes. I was attempting to give her hair and well, a slight mishap occured leaving her with two large holes in the side of her head!

Well here is a picture of her for you all to see! I tried to avoid getting her unfortunate hair holes in the photo!


Dear Halloween, 

I really do love you so. It is the best time of year because everyone gets to dress up and have crazy hair and makeup. They don’t just get to, they WANT to. There comes me. I get to sweep in and do lots of hair and awesome makeup, not only on myself but on my friends. Tonight is a pirate party which is going to mean a lot of curls and over exaggerated makeup. Red lips. Black Eyeshadow. Love!

Not to mention, halloween is the time of year that EVERYONE wants their picture taken. Everyone wants to remember all the effort and money they put into this one weekend. I then again get to swoop in and be the girl with the camera! So many cool shots. I really think that clubs and bars need to relax their rules about people coming in with their cameras (like the place I am going to today, they have a house photographer that must have gotten the job by nepotism or something of the like because his photos all end up terrible). So I will resort to pre-party photos, my first photo being this one of my friends cat. She is dressed up as a pirate for tonight’s theme. Hopefully I can get some better non-phone photos later on in the night!

aka Cleo

"Please mommy, don't make me wear this!"

Cheers for now, I am off to do some hair!