My Story

My name is Angela Welch and I will never call myself a photographer. I love photography and my camera named Lucile. She is getting tired in her old age but 6 years and we are still completely in love. I began my adventure in photography when I was in high school and decided to take a photography class because it sounded more fun than cooking. It was the best decision I ever made and I have never thought twice about photography since. I started out in the dark room shooting with a 35mm that my mom had my entire life. It jammed at 1/250 and lied about lighting but man did I manage some cool things with it. I couldn’t even believe how much I loved it once I started. Then it turned out I was pretty decent at working in a dark room. Unfortunately when I left high school, I also left behind working in a dark room. This was when my father bestowed upon me the best gift I could ever have recieved, a Canon 30D. This was in 2006 and when I first started shooting with it, were my pictures any good? In reality no but at the time I thought they were the best shots I’d ever seen! It ignited a fire in me that has only grown over time and allowed me to develop my skills and passion.

It is now 2011 and I unfortunately have let that fire die a little. Life did it’s best to make me forget how much I loved photography. I have decided that I will no longer let it, instead I am going to let my life inspire shots and inspire me to make something beautiful out of what I am given.

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