The Hat

Erin Meehan is my roommate and a good friend of mine. She is obsessed with fashion and loves finding things that not everyone can wear. One day she comes home with a large floppy black hat and was oh so pleased with it! We decided that a photo session must be done surrounding this hat. So the next nice day we went out and shot some photos. This day was not the perfect session. Within 10 minutes of starting, Erin was stung by a bee. Now anyone who has posed for photos knows that you have to block out the rest of the world but when your hand is slowly but surely swelling, it is hard to ignore. Fortunately, she was a trooper and we got another 40 minute out of the day.

So here are some of the photos we got. Let me know what you think of the photos and the hat! I’m sure she would love to hear.

Erin and the HatErin and the Hat - by the pond

The Moose Hat

Look at meee!

Tree Hugging Love!

The Hat

Erin with her bee sting

I gots a bee sting!

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