Pancakes – The Ultimate Breakfast Food

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. It is really the only thing you can eat any time of the day and it still feels right. Pancakes! Anytime! I unfortunately am quite lactose intolerant which means that I can not go out for breakfast and get to eat all the wonderful dairy filled meals. So that mean I must resort to making them myself. Pancakes really are my favorite (well actually waffles would be but as I am a broke college student, a waffle maker is out of the question). So whenever I happen to splurge and buy myself some soymilk they are always on the docket for what to cook. Sometimes early in the morning and sometimes late at night. Regardless, nothing beats big fluffy pancakes. This may just seem like a pancake rant but its not…I swear! It is just another of my musings. Life without good food would be a terrible shame. As an anti-lactose member of the world, it is tough for me to enjoy the majority of awesomely delicious things. So when I find something that I can make and love and is completely delicious, I talk about…a lot.

Here is a photo of this afternoon’s pancakes. I made them with blueberries and blackberries and some stolen Banana. Trully a fantastic way to start my day. (Yes, I know it is like 2 in the afternoon…I had a slow morning.)

while it was cookingBy the way, this is my very first attempt at photographing food. I have never even tried before, so I know they probably aren’t the greatest but I tried!

3 thoughts on “Pancakes – The Ultimate Breakfast Food

  1. Oh WOW those look AMAZING……
    I want pancakes now. haha

    Oh, by the way, I’m a HUGE waffle lover too and found a GREAT deep pocket waffle iron (it flips and everything so the waffles come out evenly) at Target. Pretty sure it was only $30-$35 too. I, myself, am still in college too and can’t afford to spend a ton of money on just a waffle iron. 😉

  2. Excellent food photography! It’s easier than people photography because mostly the food doesn’t move. Lighting is everything. These look very good, nice close-ups.

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